Friday, April 19, 2024

Want a Tesla discount referral code coupon to save you money on any Tesla Model 3 Y car purchase!


Tesla Discount Referral code is still valid for the Model Y!

The New Model 3 “Highlander” isn’t eligible for a referral code discount at the moment!

Announced September 1, the facelifted Tesla Model 3 won’t receive any discounts. This means the Tesla referral code discount doesn’t apply as well!

Australia Tesla discount referral code
Australia Tesla discount referral code

You can still save$750 on the Tesla Model Y!

Fortunately the Tesla Model Y still attracts a $750 discount in Australia when you order via my Australian Tesla discount referral link to get $750 off!

Worldwide Tesla referral link still works

I’ve been told you can use my Tesla referral link in any country which sells Teslas. The discount you receive and additional benefits will be different in each country however. Click my Tesla discount referral code and give it a go!