Thursday, July 18, 2024

Want a Tesla discount referral code coupon to save you money on any Tesla Model 3 Y car purchase!

Looking for a discount on your next Tesla Model 3 or Model Y in Australia?

Hi, my name is Tim - I've owned a Model 3 in Melbourne, Australia since the end of 2022. In 20+ years of owning some awesome cars, this is by far the best!

You may be interested in a test drive of a Tesla - click through this link to make a Tesla test drive appointment anywhere!

This is really the only was to understand how good electric cars, and specifically Teslas are. They're quiet, incredibly smooth, and with Tesla's advanced tech make driving enjoyable and safe.

Tesla ordering is done purely online, with no scope for negotiating prices. However, if you use my Tesla discount referral link by clicking here, you can receive a massive $750 discount on the price of your Model 3 or Model Y! In addition, you'll receive 3 Months Enhanced Autopilot with your car - this is the future!

The referral link might take you to the US website. If you're in Australia, just click on the little globe on the top right of the screen to take you to the Australian site. But my referral code should work for any Tesla purchase no matter where you are!

Remember, you'll need to click through the Tesla referral link before placing your order to receive your $750 discount - you can't do it afterwards!

By using my referral link, I'll earn some Tesla credits, which I haven't decided what to use them on yet. So it's a win-win situation!

Best wishes


Tim W.